Dr. Thomas Duda

Emerson Automation, Switzerland


Emerson Automation, Switzerland / Pentair Valves & Controls

TITLE: Trends in process automation, New sensors, Trend to wireless, Plant integration and cloud.

SHORT BIOGRAPHY: Thomas Duda was awarded Doctor degree at the University of Dortmund in the field of Thermal Spraying, Plasma diagnostics.

Professor Duda was working for many years with Alstom Power/GE in various management positions, ranging from Hot Gas Turbine Design, Life Time Prediction Methods to Turbine Manufacturing Engineering.

Now he is working in with Pentair Valves & Controls as Global Engineering Director for Gate, Globe, Check and Control Valves.

Also he is lecturer at the CEC and TU Wien.

His area of science interest covers Engineering Management, Advanced manufacturing technologies, Integrated manufacturing. 

He is author of more than 67 articles and conference contributions.