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Institute of Control Systems, ANAS, Azerbaijan

TITLE: Technologies and systems of noise control of the beginning and dynamics of development of accidents and their application in seismology, oil production and medicine

ABSRACT: It is shown in the paper that the beginning of the latent period of transition of most facilities into an emergency state on the basis of the results of traditional technologies is registered with a delay because of the emergence of noises correlated with the useful signal, which in some cases causes accidents with catastrophic consequences. New technologies and systems of noise control of the beginning and the development dynamics of accidents are proposed. Examples of the principles for constructing various noise control intelligent systems, the possibility of their implementation at oil and gas production facilities, drilling rigs, offshore fixed platforms and compressor stations, in transport, aviation, power engineering, construction, seismology and medicine are given. It is also shown that the use of the noise technologies can improve the accuracy of the results of traditional methods for analyzing noisy random signals.

SHORT BIOGRAPHY: Professor Telman Aliev Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Full Member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, is the director of the Institute of Control Systems. Also the head of the department of Information Technology and Systems of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction.

Telman Aliev was awarded PhD degree for his work “Correlation analysis of standard processes of oil refining” under the guidance of V.V. Solodovnikov, Professor of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Doctor’s degree for “Correlation analysis and coding of multivariate stochastic processes in real time” at the Bauman MSTU.

In the years of his scientific activity, Aliev has obtained the following scientific results: 1. Created technologies for robust correlation and spectral analysis of noisy signals; 2. Developed the theoretical foundations of the methods and technologies that allow for improving the adequacy of mathematical models by eliminating the errors of the elements of correlation matrices; 3. Proposed the theoretical foundations of the noise technologies for analysing the noise of technological parameters as carrier of useful information; 4. Proposed the technologies and systems for robust noise monitoring of the latent period of the transition of industrial facilities into an emergency state; 5. Developed systems for control and diagnostics of the technical condition by means of the analysis of dynamometer and wattmeter cards of down hole pumping equipment of oil wells; 6. Create a network of seismic-acoustic noise monitoring stations that allow to perform the monitoring of anomalous seismic processes long before the earthquake and identify their location; 7. Developed the new generation intelligent robust noise monitoring, control and diagnostics systems for oil extracting facilities put into operation at the compressor station of the H. Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery, 190 wells of Shirvan Oil company, 10 wells of Karasu Operating Company, 25 wells of Bibi-Heybat Oil and 2 wells of the Balakhani Oil and Gas Extraction Facility, which led to 50% energy saving and overhaul period increase at each well, increasing the cost-effectiveness of those facilities twofold.

Aliev is the author of more than 552 scientific works, including 17 monographs and 77 patents.

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