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University of Patras, Greece

TITLE: Intelligent and cognitive controls for a global coherence and suatainable growth for the humandkind.

ABSTRACT: Today the whole world is phasing with an unprecedented set of problems never had before. Challenging and difficult problems relating to the Energy and Environment, the Health and Ecology, the business and Economics and the ongoing process of Spiritual Decline. We stand at the Abyss, at the steadily approaching threshold of unimaginable chaos, calamity and destruction of our planet earth. IS THERE ANY SOLUTION? YES, there exists a lasting solution to these issues facing humankind. It derives from the notion of the power of ideas and an idea so powerful that its effect upon the World will be most profound. Ideas come from the human brain. The most powerful brain executives-attributes are Intelligence and Cognition. We are eagerly searching for the relationship between Intelligence and Cognition by using the fundamental concept of CONTROL. The scope and impact of control systems could be substantially increased with the incorporation of properties we usually associate with cognition, such as reasoning, planning, and learning. Thus achieving a Global coherence and sustainable growth for Humankind.

In this Plenary paper the basic and fundamental question of how Intelligent Control and Cognitive Control can be related mathematically and what is their role to growth and sustainable development of humankind as well as to International stability. It will address the concepts and present views as to how intelligence and cognition can provide solutions to today’s problems of the society. The need to combine Intelligence and Cognition to a Unified theory of Intelligent Cognitive Control (ICC) will become evident. ICC and scientifically search mathematical foundation in order to investigate, analyze and provide solutions to the problems that the world is facing. Advanced revolutionary new theoretical and computational methods will be needed for advancing all the scientific sectors: healthcare, energy and environment, engineering, manufacturing, ecology, psychology, business and economics, education, philosophy and human productivity.

SHORT BIOGRAPHYProfessor Petros Groumpos is the Director of the Laboratory of Automation and Robotics / Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology.

Petros Groumpos did his undergraduate and graduate studies at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the SUNYAB. He was awarded PhD degree for his work “A State Space Approach to Dynamic Hierarchical Systems”. He subsequently held a research position at Calspan Corporation in Buffalo before he moved as an Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University, Ohio and was promoted to Associate professor. Then he has been elected as a full Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Patras. He established the Laboratory for Automation and Robotics and became its director. He was a chairman of the Dept. of  Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras. Groumpos is an Honorary Academic Member of the Russian Academic Council of Mechatronics and Robotics since and Honorary Invited Professor of the University of Science and Technology of the Eastern China of Shanghai. He also was a President & CEO of Patras Science Park for 6 years. For 10 years Petros Groumpos was  Greek Representative to the High Level Group (HLG) of EUREKA reporting directly to the Minister of Research and Technology. He also was Greek NMO representative to the Council of the International Federation of Automatic Control reporting directly to the Minister of Development. He was Vice-President of the Technical Advisory Board of National Institute for Research. Groumpos also was the Greek National representative to a number of high positions at European Management Committees (ESPRIT, ICT, IMS, INCO). From 1990 till present Petros Goumpos is the vice-President of the Mediterranean Control Association. Included in a) Who’s Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology and b) Men of Achievement. He is general Chairman of IFAC Conferences, LSS ’98 and MIM 2000, and of the IEEE Conferences, ISIC 2000 and MED 1994, 2000 and 2016.Chairman of the TC 9.5 of Large Scale Systems of IFAC (1996-2001).

He has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in automatic control, signals and systems, stochastic processes, intelligent control, Fuzzy systems, Robotics, modeling Complex Dynamic Systems and Bioinformatics. His research interests covers modeling and control of large Complex Dynamic Systems, Intelligent control, Artificial Intelligence (AI), fuzzy systems, Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, Dynamic Neural Networks, Hybrid Energy Systems (HES),Hierarchical Systems, Intelligent Manufacturing systems, Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Knowledge Management, Creative software Computing, Simulation Methods, Technology Transfer and Innovation Systems.

He especially has conducted funded research using advanced new intelligent and fuzzy techniques in many applications especially in Manufacturing, Health, Energy, Environment, Agriculture and Transportation. He has been the principal investigator and/or participated as a partner in many R&D projects been funded by the EC, the Greek Government and/or the private sector.

He has published 2 books, edited 5 books, published 10 chapters in books, over 290 papers in journals and/or in International conferences, over 50 Technical Reports and has more than 5000 citations.

Prof. Groumpos is reviewer for a number of International Journals and for many International Conferences. He organized more than 15 invited special sessions on conferences and was keynote plenary invited speaker in more than 20 international conferences.

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