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QuinScape, Germany

TITLE:Organizational Evolution – How Digital Disruption Enforces Organizational Agility

Abstract: The success of almost any business depends on the promotion of digital excellence. Disruptive technologies like Hadoop, IoT, Blockchain or DevOps pose completely new challenges for business development. While there is no doubt about the need for keeping pace with the technical progress it is blurry how much this affects leadership and organizational agility. At least in Germany, many analysts record a gap between the engineering innovativeness and an inadequate digital leadership. It is evident, that digitization leads to new occupational profiles and a specific stress on the organizational fabric. Many companies experiment with start-up culture, entrepreneurial responsibility and more flexible team patterns, but a consistent approach for manager is still missing. In this preliminary discussion we address three dimensions to increase a company’s agility in times of digital Darwinism: structural flexibility, software-driven occupational profiles and requirements for leadership. 

SHORT BIOGRAPHYNorbert Jesse has studied Social Sciences with focus on economics and statistics at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. He received his Ph.D. with an exploration of multi-dimensional spatial data. He served as Head of Department for Information Technology and Development at the administration of the University of Dortmund. Also Norbert Jesse was involved in numerous national and international projects in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Dortmund. He supported the Informatik Centrum Dortmund (ICD) and helped to establish the Fuzzy Demonstration Center. Also he was Managing Director of a multi-disciplinary institution for technology transfer.

Norbert Jesse co-founded QuinScape GmbH, an IT services provider with special focus on Java technology, Data Integration and Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning. QuinScape has currently almost 140 employees.

His current interests are Business Development, IoT and Machine Learning applications.

Norbert Jesse was organizer and co-organizer of numerous international conferences (Fuzzy Days, FIRA World Congresses, CIRAS, Enterprise 2.0 etc.). He is author or co-author of 55 papers and co-editor of 6 books.

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