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Professor of Computer Science, Kuwait University

Title: Shape Control & Designing Objects

Abstract: Designing of objects is a significant area of study and practice in the digital world today. In addition to its critical importance in the traditional fields of automobile, aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, shoe industry, and general product design, more recently, the digital designing methods have also proven to be indispensable in a variety of modern industries, including robotics, medical imaging, visualization, Textile, Fashion, Painting, Art, and even media and many others.

This presentation aims to provide and enlighten on past, present and future of digital design. Specific concentration would be made on designing by shape control which plays a significant role in modelling objects to desired level. The talk is going to focus on interdisciplinary methods and affiliate research in the area. It aims to provide the audience with a variety of designing techniques, applications and examples necessary for various real life problems. The major goal of the talk is to stimulate views and provide a source where researchers and practitioners can find the latest developments in the field of digital design.

The talk may specifically be of interest to people in the industries or academic fields including Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Virtual Reality, Information Visualization, Body Simulation, Engineering Disciplines, Mathematical Sciences, Font Industry, Art & Design, Film industry, Software Industry, Manufacturing Industry. It may also lead to applications like vector graphics, digitization of hand-drawn shapes, computer supported cartooning, pattern recognition, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD), and various other applications.


Muhammad Sarfraz is a Professor and V. Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in Kuwait University, Kuwait. His research interests include Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Soft Computing, Data Visualization, Intelligent Systems and Information Systems. He is currently working on various projects related to academia and industry.

Prof. Sarfraz has been keynote/invited speaker at various platforms around the globe. He has advised/supervised more than 70 students for their MSc and PhD theses. He has published more than 330 publications as journal and conference papers. His publications include around 55 Books as Autor and Editor. He is also Editor of Proceeding Books of various Conferences around the globe.

Prof. Sarfraz is member of various professional societies including IEEE, ACM, IVS, INSTICC and ISOSS. He is a Chair, member of the International Advisory Committees and Organizing Committees of various international conferences, Symposiums and Workshops. He is also Editor-in-Chief, Editor and Guest Editor of various International Journals. He is the reviewer, for many international Journals, Conferences, meetings, and workshops around the world. He has achieved various awards in education, research, and administrative services.

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