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Dr Manafaddin Namazov

  • Department: Process Automation Engineering Department
  • Position: Department Chair
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: (+99412) 521-33-62


  • 1986 – Finished Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Electro-Technical University (today sbDEU). Faculty of Automation and computation by specialty of “Automation and Tele-mechanics”, “electric engineer”;
  • 1989 – In St. Petersburg computer science and automation university of Russian science academy had postgraduate studies;
  • 1992 – After the post-graduation, defended PhD;
  • 2012 – Doctor of Azerbaijanian Science academy.


Work experience:

  • 1984-1986 The main assistant in institute of Physics in Azerbaijanian Science Academy;
  • 1987-1988 The main assistant in institute of N?batat in Azerbaijanian Science Academy;
  • 1992-1995 Associate professor in National University of Progress, then head of engineering faculty;
  • 1995-2006 Head of Engineering department in Technical University of Azerbaijan;
  • 2006-2012 “Cumuriyyat” university of Turkey head of “Electrics and electronics” faculty provided lectures on Bachelor, Master and PhD’s levels;
  • 2012 – “Baku Higher Oil School”, “Computer and Information-Communication technologies” faculty, professor assistance.
  • 2015 june – “Baku Higher Oil School”, “Computer and Information-Communication technologies” faculty, head.


Research interests:

  • Information-measuring systems;
  • Processing of digital signals;
  • Fuzzy control;
  • Automatic control;
  • Software and hardware automation systems.



  • Course Distance Education Partnership Program USA, University of Indiana (2004);
  • Course Distance Education in the framework of NATO Project “Virtual Silk Highway”, Baku-2004;
  • Certificate of Hogeschool Zuyd (University of Professional Education). Project Education and Project Management, Heerlen (Holland), 2003;
  • Certificate of University of Applied Sciences Cologne. Modern Automatisierungstechnik. Cologne (Germany), 2003;
  • Certificate of LEYBOLD DIDACTIC GMBH, Course Automatisierungstechnik (PLC) (Germany), 2002;
  • Certificate of LEYBOLD DIDACTIC GMBH, Course Mikrocomputertechik (Germany), 2002;
  • Certificate of LEYBOLD DIDACTIC GMBH, Course Regelungstechnik (Germany), 2002;
  • Certificate of German Language Course, University of Aplled Sciences, Cologne (Germany), 2002;
  • Certificate of Siemens by PRIMERGY, INTEL–based Drivers Configuration, PC-and Network Architecture Desktop, Mobiles, Workstations. Cologne, (Germany), 1997;
  • 2014 – Certificate “AutoCAD Electrical 2015”, Autodesk Training Center, No. 1127727QT3;
  • 2014 – Certificate “EPLAN Electrical P8 v.2.3 (Basic I)”, UAB RITTAL, Vilnius, Lithuania, No. ESS LT/AZ- 1.1 2014.09.12-70;



  • Author of nearly 60 scientific articles, many textbooks.