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Baku, March 10, AZERTAC

The International Conference of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) will be held 18th time this year, but first time in the stunning capital of Azerbaijan, Baku city. Baku hosts global-scale events on subjects of science, technology, education, culture, politics, sport and others within last decades. 18th IFAC Conference will take place by support of IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) – one of the most prestigious organizations of the world in the field of automatic control. The event, which will be held on 13-15 September 2018, is called the 18th IFAC International Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability – TECIS (Technology, Culture and International Stability).

IFAC was founded on 12 September 1957 in Paris. By invitation of the Austrian Government, the Secretariat of IFAC has been operating in Laxenburg city of Austria since 1978. IFAC, which includes the organizations on automatic control and engineering from 49 countries, organizes tens of international events each year. First time, in the region such esteemed event will be held in Azerbaijan, Baku. TECIS technical committee – one of the historical committees in IFAC structure has been acting since 1983. The committee, which has held 17 international conferences in many countries of the World since the same year, is going to celebrate its 35-year anniversary in this event in Baku.

The partner of IFAC from Azerbaijan, one of the organizers of the conference – ARAS (Azerbaijan Robotics and Automation Society), is actively participating in organizing the international conference TECIS 2018. ARAS, founded in Baku and passed strict organization process, is an only nominated organization from Azerbaijan as the candidate member of IFAC.

The main purpose of holding this conference in Baku is to bring together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia to give an overview of the state of the art, to present new research results and to exchange ideas and experiences in the fields of technology and international stability. The topics for the conference are multifaceted and up-to-date. The scope of the conference encompasses so many fields and necessary problems. The topics of the conference express the connection between automatic control and various fields of life, such as techniques, economics, medicine, social life and politics. For example, some subjects of the conference, such as “Control and Automation in Improving Stability”, “Managing the Introduction of Technological Change to Improve Stability”, “SME-oriented Automation”, “Mechatronic Systems and Robotics” and “Biomedical Systems” are especially important problems in our modern period.

Considering a great number of requests, the organization committee added the theory TRIZ (teoriya resheniya izobretatelskikh zadach) developed in Baku to the agenda of the conference. TRIZ was developed by the Soviet inventor and science-fiction author Genrich Altshuller (1926-1998) in 1946. This theory presents a systematic approach for understanding and defining challenging problems, and provides a range of strategies and tools for finding these inventive solutions. Genrich Altshuller founded the “Azerbaijan Public Institute for Inventive Creation Institute” – the first TRIZ institute in the world in Baku and was the first President of the TRIZ Association.

After announcing the call for receiving articles for the conference, the requests from researchers of the different countries for attending the event are being accepted. The international conference TECIS 18 has been welcomed by scientific community with great interest.

Peter Kopacek, Professor of Vienna University of Technology, who is chair of International Program Committee of the conference that will be held in Baku, is a specialist in Robotics and Automatic Control. He is an author of 6 books, more than 300 scientific articles, tens of scientific publications, translations. He is a member of IFAC and main organizer of the conference. Another organizer of Baku conference, Dr. techn. Bahadur Ibrahimov got PhD in Robotics at Vienna University of Technology in 2016. Bahadur Ibrahimov is an Associate Member of Engineering Managers Club since 2014, Associate Member of the Young Professionals in Europe since 2013, Founder of magazine “Panorama of Azerbaijan” and a member of IFAC TC9.5. Currently, he leads post-doctorate researches at Vienna University of Technology and supervises start-ups in Vienna.

One of the Azerbaijani organizers of this prestigious scientific-technological event – ARAS (Azerbaijan Robotics and Automation Society) believes that to bring such events to Azerbaijan and to share international experiences as well as to involve the interests of influential organizations in Azerbaijan are very important for the development of the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan and promotion of the technical sciences.

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